Incident Response & IT Remediation Services

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A Security Incident Occurs – is Your Business Prepared to Act?

Incident Response & IT Remediation Services

Our six step Security Operations Center (SOC) Analytics workflow process keeps us in front of even the most sophisticated attacks an organization can face. Our security vulnerability remediation services solve most problems before they become incidents. If needed, we escalate any found incidents according to each client’s customized Escalation Communication Plan and take the appropriate actions.

These highly responsive and flexible security vulnerability remediation services are made to fit the needs of your specific organization, and the modular nature can be combined with other services or stand on their own.

Our Security Vulnerability Remediation and Incident Response Services include:

Incident response retainer

Breach response

Pre-fixed allotment of hours

Ad-hoc services

Combination of other Sunhitech managed services (e.g., anti-virus remediation, patch management)

The Cornerstones of a Resilient Environment: Respond, Remediate, Recover

In today’s threat landscape, the chances of being hacked are high, regardless of business size. No matter how strong your security posture is, there is always a risk that your business may be attacked. Are you prepared with an IT remediation plan?

The 3 Rs of a resilient environment – Respond, Remediate, Recover – can help ensure that you limit the possibility of a threat causing potential negative impacts to your business:

Respond: A plan to respond effectively to incidents as they arise, with the resources/expertise to do so with confidence

Remediate: The act or process of correcting an undesirable situation or repairing one that is deficient

Recover: The process of returning to a normal state of business operations

When a breach occurs, following the 3 Rs can stop a threat in its tracks and help ensure your business stays operational through comprehensive security vulnerability remediation.

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